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Thank you for your overwhelming support. We can’t stop now.

Thank you for your overwhelming support so far! We received countless emails in support of our business – we are overjoyed. The vast amount of emails and calls to the County Board of Supervisors have been powerful and well-received by the board. Thank you!

We are also pleased to say that the Santa Ynez Chamber Board and the Santa Barbara Vintners Association have both come out in opposition of any outright ban of vacation rentals in the Santa Ynez Valley, as it threatens legally operating businesses in the area.

We must keep working together to spread the word about the positive impact short-term rentals companies like Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals have on our community, and the devastating effect it would have if they were banned in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Here’s what you’ve been saying.

“You guys help in providing a perfect escape for those of us who don’t have the opportunity to live in such a peaceful place.” – Kate

“Leanne, I love your rentals and working at them has been a great pleasure. I know right away that it is a Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals home when I step inside the front door. I hope you will be able to provide this great service for many years to come!” – M

“This is ludicrous! For the love of freedom – let homeowners decide what to do with their own properties and allow competitive business models to thrive! This is America, and we used to value innovative thinking and entrepreneurial business strategies.” – Ashley

“I’ve lived with both sides of it. Our next door neighbor had a VRBO house until it sold late last year. We also have rented from VRBO and Home Away. It’s a wonderful way to travel. Vacation rentals provide transient occupancy tax (TOT) revenue to the community and they can be managed in a way that resolves many of the downsides.” – Laurie

“I am a private chef here in Santa Barbara and have worked in the community for close to 25 years. I am often hired to work at rentals that tourists from all over come to visit, and the rentals that are provided by Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals are very different than others. It would be unfair to a company like Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals if there were to be a ban. The visitors at these rentals are families that are celebrating, and they go to our local wineries and stores and spend money that helps small local businesses.” – Mattias

“As the organizer of 10 women who travel at least once to twice a year and rent properties throughout your area, we bring a tremendous amount of revenue to your community in terms of rental income, tax, food sales, beverage sales, transportation services and other including wine tasting, wine purchases, massage, golf, horseback riding, etc. Your area will dry up if tourists are discouraged and your owners who rely on our rental income to keep their properties in pristine shape will have a much more difficult time maintaining them themselves. Here’s to hoping you don’t cut off such a beautiful part of the country from my friends who travel from around the country to gather there and enjoy all that is available.” – Leslie

“We are a local HVAC business and these types of listings keep us busy. The tourists that use the rentals are eating out, shopping, going to movies and more. They help our economy. [Short-term rentals] do NOT hurt our community at all, they only enrich it!  And no doubt they will be back again and again…” – Brian

“My wife and I have owned a house on 20 acres in Santa Ynez for about 12 years. I am writing to you to express my concern over the county’s talk of regulating short-term rentals.  I have been renting my home for about five years for roughly two weekends a month. I use a highly reputable property management company, Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals, that screens folks thoroughly, is registered, bonded, and pays taxes to the county. I have had NO complaints whatsoever from my immediate neighbors. One would never know anyone was even on my 20-acre property unless they had access to my locked gates.  I don’t run it as a commercial property or ‘hotel,’ I am merely renting it sparely to allow me to hold on to the property in hopes of retiring there in the next five years or so. My wife and I are both actors in Los Angeles, and aren’t able to pay the mortgage without it as our work is variable to say the least.  We and our three children have come to love the Santa Ynez Valley, and we plan to keep this property in our family for generations.” – George

“Vacation rentals are an essential part of tourism in our area, especially since it opens up a much more appealing vacation experience for many who prefer to stay in a home rather than a hotel room. Additionally, research shows that this demographic is in a higher income bracket and spends more dollars per capita in the local community – especially in our restaurants and stores and wineries. Vacation rental businesses also provide excellent screening, not only with regard to properties accepted into their inventory, which have to be maintained to an impeccable standard, but also for their clients – with legal documentation to protect both owner and tenant. As you are well aware, TOT provides substantial income to local government, which can surely only be of benefit with continued support of this important industry.” – Yvonne

“This is an overreaction. The punishment should fit the crime. Persistent violators should be shut down. But you don’t shut down an entire vital industry.” – Colleen

“In addition to owning and running a successful real estate investment and management company based in Santa Barbara, I am also the owner of a Santa Ynez vacation property in which we rely on short-term rentals for income. This property is professionally managed and maintained by a devoted group of Santa Barbara county residents that are entrusted to find quality tenants for our home. We pride ourselves on being respectful to our neighboring homeowners and only make the property available to guests that understand that concept. Outside of the great lengths and considerable expense we’ve incurred to create a rental property for our guests to enjoy, I believe the short-term availability of homes like ours has had an incredibly positive impact on local businesses and, ultimately, has created local jobs. Many local families and businesses, including mine, rely on short-term rentals for income. I strongly encourage you and your additional board members to consider fair regulation for short-term vacations rentals, not a ban.” – Mike

“Thank you for such a well-written letter and the resources to speak to those in charge. What a tragedy of too much government. Best of luck.” – Renter and Vacation Rental Owner

Thank you for your continued support.

We are deeply grateful that you are taking the time to voice your support for short-term vacation rentals and our company. We couldn’t do it without you.

With deep gratitude,
Leanne Schlinger