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Vacation rental homes in the Santa Ynez Valley are at risk.

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors has directed the Long Range Planning Division of the Planning & Development Department to review and clarify provisions concerning the use of short-term vacation rentals within the unincorporated areas of the County.

They are proposing an ordinance that could prohibit any and all short-term vacation rentals in Santa Barbara County. In our tourism-dependent economy, this ordinance would be devastating to our community and to our business.

We need your help.

Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals (SYVR) is a professional short-term rental service that benefits our community in numerous ways. We need your help in educating the Board of Supervisors on the negative affects of a short-term rental ban and in requesting fair regulation for short-term vacation rentals.

Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals is a valuable contributing member of our local community.

  • Job Creators – We provide jobs for a full-time staff, and 10 part-time housekeepers – your neighbors in the Santa Ynez Valley community.
  • Local Loyalists – We encourage our guests to choose local companies to make the most of their visits, including chefs, yoga studios, golf courses, restaurants, retail shops, and wineries.
  • Small Business Supporters – Through our business, we support local small businesses like pool service companies, plumbers, appliance repairmen, landscapers, gardening companies, designers, print shops, transportation companies, bike rental companies, babysitters, grocery stores, local farms, and more.
  • Community Philanthropists – We believe in giving back to our community. SYVR donates considerably to charitable organizations such as People Helping People, Angels Foster Care, Santa Barbara Youth Project, Environmental Defense Center, Solvang School, and the Santa Ynez Valley Foundation.
  • Environmental Advocates – We are an eco-friendly business and we promote environmentally friendly practices, including plant-based amenities and cleaning products. We are huge advocates of solar power, low flow water systems, and native/drought tolerant landscaping for all of our properties.
  • Revenue Creators for the County – Our business contributes significantly to the county’s “transient occupancy tax” (“TOT”), which collected more than $1.2 million last year for our community.

Help us stop the ban on vacation rental homes and achieve fair regulation in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals is dedicated to being an honorable and valuable contributing member of the Santa Ynez Valley community. We thoroughly screen our guests and provide a comprehensive, professional rental contract to protect all parties. Many of our guests are repeat renters with excellent rental etiquette, and we are proud to have them as customers.

Most of our beautiful vacation rental homes are nestled on multiple acres, distinctly different from residential homes in small neighborhoods. The homeowners of these properties count on vacation rental income in order to properly maintain and retain their homes. As an agency, we enforce a strict 10 p.m. noise cutoff, regulate the number of cars allowed per property, and limit the number of overnight guests in order to ensure guests are respectful of local community members. We also provide 24/7 property management for all properties.

We are responsible, dedicated individuals, and we love our local community. Please help us achieve fair regulation for vacation rental homes in the Santa Ynez Valley, and stop the unfair ban on short-term rentals.

How You Can Help

This is a time sensitive matter. Please take a moment to call, write, or e-mail the County Board of Supervisors and encourage them to consider fair regulation for short-term vacation rentals, not a ban. You can also download a shareable flyer to help spread the word.

We are deeply grateful for your support.

Leanne Schlinger


Voice your support.

If you wish to write an individual District Supervisor or County Staff directly to voice your support for short-term rental companies like ours, contact information is listed below.

1st District – Salud Carbajal
Phone: (805) 568-2186

2nd District – Janet Wolf
Phone: (805) 568-2191

3rd District – Doreen Farr
Phone: (805) 568-2192
Solvang: (805) 686-5095

4th District – Peter Adam
Lompoc: (805) 737-7700
Santa Maria: (805) 346-8407

5th District – Steve Lavagnino
Santa Maria: (805) 346-8400

County Staff Contact
Jessica Metzger, Planning & Development
123 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 568-3532